all things little people

When I think of the last two sessions I had with Michael and Hilda, I think of darling little people. The first of the two was last fall when we did Zachary’s 1 year old photos, and the most recent; 2 weeks ago, was baby Hadassah’s newborn session(s) :P. I love that these dear people are my family; one of the perks of getting married; you become related to more awesome people! 🙂
Anyway, here’s a few of my favorites from these sessions…
IMG_9879 copyD
Starred Photos10
give a boy a tractor, and he’s sure to be happy!
Starred Photos9
IMG_9708 copyD
you can’t help but love little feet…I won’t tell you how often I take pictures of my child’s hands and feet. 😛
IMG_9808 copyD
and then there was a darling wee one added…she’s just a doll!
IMG_95781 copyD
Starred Photos6
…because I can never decide between color and B&W for baby photos.
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IMG_9618 copyD
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Love ya’ll and so glad we’re friends (and family)! 🙂
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a splash of sunshine

Today I’m feeling the need for sunshine in my life. Sunshine, and warm light, and soft green grass between my toes; ahh, can’t you just feel the goodness of summer?? But reality is that it’s still winter and there is still snow outside. I’m most days I’m ok with that, and actually enjoy the whiteness.
Today just feels like a Monday. With snow, not warm sunshine. And this weekend I had a photographer’s worse nightmare come true; a memory card malfunction after an adorable baby session, which ended [insert hours of time spent running recovery software, desperate prayers, taking the card to a computer shop in desperation, etc.] in zero pictures of the dear child. I’m trying to be grateful. Grateful that it was a baby session that I can redo tomorrow, and not a wedding that cannot be redone. And there’s other things that I could be grateful about too…like a very understanding client who graciously didn’t throw the phone and yell at me when I called her with the bad news [your a champ, Hilda!:)] But anyway, *lifts chin in hope* I’m hoping this is my ‘once in the career of a photographer’ moment and it won’t happen again.!
And now back to that sunshine I was longing for- here’s some adorable seniors from last fall; one of those perfect evenings with gorgeous light and beautiful ladies; loved every minute with these ladies! Here’s to summer and balmy days and lots of time spent in the warm sunshine! Until then, enjoy the snow.:)
Meet Stehanie…
IMG_9477 copyD
Starred Photos3 copy
Starred Photos4 copy
And Tori…
Starred Photos2 copy
IMG_91041 copyD
Starred Photos1 copy
IMG_9280 copyD
I love when seniors bring a friend along to their session; nothing like a friend to tell jokes and make you laugh!
IMG_9277 copyD

Douglas & Regina:: married

Well, hello blogging world! I’m hoping to redeem myself in the next few weeks/months by doing some blogging from last year’s photography sessions. Hopefully there isn’t something hugely wrong with blogging relatively ‘old’ work, but I’ll say if it’s within a year, it’s ok. 🙂
I get asked a lot how many weddings I have scheduled for the year, and at this point, the better question would be, “How many are you NOT doing??”. Yes, I’m turning down most weddings at this point. I do consider every bride that calls, but as I’m learning more and more what I can handle with a child, I realize that I’m happier without the pressure of always having deadlines and post-processing hanging over me. Children don’t do well with meeting deadlines, so it’s easier on both of us to not have as many. I considered outsourcing some of my work, and maybe next year I’ll pick up weddings again and do that, but for this year, we’re just mostly going to take a break, and do a random wedding here and there, but nothing too intense.
I would still like to do some senior sessions this year, and possibly pick up family sessions again…I didn’t do many families last year, but short sessions/less post-processing sounds very appealing, so maybe we’ll do a few of those again…
All that to say, I loved my weddings last year, and can’t wait to show you a few of them! For the sake of time, I won’t be posting everything I shot last year, but I’ll pick out a few personal favorites.

Douglas & Regina had a gorgeous fall wedding in September. The weather was lovely and everything was still green and beautiful. Regina’s colors and flowers were gorgeous, and their love was so fun to capture! Here’s a peek…
IMG_5396 copyd
Starred Photos46
Starred Photos
Starred Photos47
Starred Photos49
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to work with you on your special day! May your love always be young at heart!